Top 10 reasons why you need a 1-to-6 Theatre Lab.


10. Costs a fraction of what a standard full-scale lab costs and can be used for teaching more than just lighting.  You might need more than one.


9. It takes up very little space.  It can be set up in most standard classrooms and is even portable.  Just add wheels.


8. Safety – no ladders and no students in the air.  (especially good for high schools and summer theater camps)  It is even ADA friendly.  ALL students can get to the ALL the equipment.


7. Low intimidation factor.  Students jump in and start working right away.


6. Fantastic for lighting and photographing models and looking at fabric under light.


5. Scenographers will love it.  They can explore sets, lights, and projection all at once in the lab, then, confidently transfer the design to stage.


4. Increased communication – You can mock up the set and the director can rough block the show in the lab.  (Did I mention Barbies?)  The entire creative team can see what the production will look like before they begin tech.  They can develop their “vocabulary” in the lab and even set rough light levels in a time efficient environment.  Techs will go so much smoother and faster.


3. Energy efficient.  This lab uses one tenth the power of a conventional lighting lab and can be run from one standard 20 amp circuits.  Unplug your coffee maker, plug in your Yeagerlab, and your institution can brag about being green.


2. You can accurately compose an entire stage picture instead of creating one typical area in a standard light lab.  This teaches young directors and designers to compose the whole stage picture.


1. And the number one reason you should be teaching with a 1 to 6 lab is… Efficiency of time.  More exploring and less time getting it ready, creates a more sophisticated Director or designer. Get your ideas further faster.