Sample Light Plots

We have been researching and experimenting with off the shelf, scaled lighting equipment for about 7 years now and there is some great small gear out there though it is not all created equal. Some of the small equipment is junk and will not last in the labs. Take advantage of the person who knows more about equipment for these labs than anybody else out there. She is happy to spend the time with you to customize your lab for your specific needs. She knows what works and she is really nice too!

Cyd Knight has helped us research and develop system packages for the labs since the very beginning. She can help you create the perfect system for your new lab. 

Give her a call at 800.424.9991 x121 Production Advantage Inc.


The Light Plots below are just a suggestion to how you might equip and hang your lab.

The lab is only limited by your own creativity.


Basic Light Plot

Medium Light Plot

Advanced Light Plot